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108 Products found
refrig. med. counter fl. DN40 weld. 48,3
bottom console BK35E stainless 1.4301
bottom console BK79-10 (steel) Set
bottom console BK79-10E stainless 1.4301
bottom console BK79-13 (steel)
screw jointed con. sold. 54 x 2 1/2''
bottom console BK79-13E stainless 1.4301
refrig. counter fl. DN100 sold. 108mm
screw jointed con. weld. 40x2'' stainles
screw jointed con. sold. 42 x 2''
screw jointed con.weld.25x5/4'' stainles
screw jointed con. weld. 20x1'' stainles
screw jointed con. weld.15x3/4''stainles
screw jointed con. weld.50x2 1/2''stainl
stainless comp. counter fl. DN65 Viton
Comp.counter fl. DN65 with Viton gasket
Comp.counter fl. DN100 with Viton gasket
refrig. med. counter fl. DN80 sold. 89mm
console BK79-13 and brackets TH79-13
steel Compac counter flange DN65
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