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GBS 800H-220 (SC1,SC2) BID100847061
The picture is only an exemplary representation and may differ from the product. Please refer to the specification for connection details.
GBS 800H-220 (SC1,SC2) B
incl. bolts M840R529M
side1: 2x Compac flange DN65
side2: 2x Compac flange DN65

Standard brazed plate heat exchanger
plate material: 1.4404
solder material: copper
amount of plates: 220
dimensions (mm): 532x271x528,4
primary connection: Compac flange
secondary connection: Compac flange
max temperature: 200°C
max pressure: 31bar

steel Compac counter flange DN65
stainless Compac counter flange DN65
Comp.counter fl. DN65 with Viton gasket
stainless comp. counter fl. DN65 Viton